Monday, August 08, 2005

What If God Read My Blog?

I'm feeling kind of far away from Him right now. I'm not totally sure why...just am.
But I was thinking, 'What if God read my blog?' What would I write differently? What topics would I have avoided? What words would I have chosen differently?
I must say that knowing that my church friends are reading this blog does hold me accountable. For instance, when I'm really angry and I want to rant and rave, I hold back and keep myself in check because I know they will be reading. When I want to use this site for gossip, I think about them seeing it. When I want to talk about really shallow and sometimes inappropriate things, I think of what they would see here. My church friends read my blog.
God reads my blog too.
But He doesn't just read my blog. He reads my email too...not just the ones I send. He also reads the ones I receive and should delete, but read them and laugh anyway. He reads the ones I send when I'm mad or just plain wrong. He hears my phone calls, He see my thoughts, He knows everything about me...intimately.
This is a very basic truth that we all learn as little bitty kids. God, like Santa, knows when we've been bad or good (so be good for goodness sake). Why is it so hard for me to remember these things?
  • When I am far way, He comes nearer.
  • When I'm hiding, He is watching even more intently.
  • When I'm lonely, He is more present than before.
  • When I'm bad, He is witness to it.
  • When I'm wrong, He knows it.
  • When I lie, He is still the Truth.

God, are You reading this? You understand what I mean...why don't I?

Oh, and God...thanks for reading!

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