Thursday, September 06, 2012

Mickey Mouse Countdown to Disney!

I am PUMPED about my upcoming trip to Disney World!!!
I had never been to Disney until I was 29 and on my honeymoon.  I've been making up for all of the years without it by being a big 5-year-old every time I go.  This next trip with be with out besties and their children who are six and two.  Their mom, Blondie, and I may be bigger kids about this than the actual kids!
I found this pin on Pinterest for a Mickey Mouse countdown chain and I knew making one was in my near future.
Here is the original.

Mine is a little different - and very long!  I couldn't wait until we were 30 days out.  I had to go ahead and make it!  

I promise I made it for the kids - the actual kids!  I really kinda want one for myself now too.

It was super easy - here's how it happened:
1. I bought the pack of large construction paper at Target - pretty cheap!
2.  I used my ruler and an exacto knife to cut the paper into strips.  You can just stack the pieces and cut through 4-5 pages at a time.  I used black, red, yellow, and white to match Mickey!
3. I used some leftover black paper and cut out 2 circles with a little flap on each.  I just taped the flap to one of the black strips and folded the ears up when I was done.  This is the top of your chain!
4. I stacked all of the strips in order and wrote the date that each piece of chain is to be removed before putting it all together.  It's easier to write on a flat surface than a circle!
5.  Then you just start stapling!  Be careful to keep your dates in order.

Super easy and so cute!  

Maybe I'll go start one of my own!!!

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