Friday, September 14, 2012

September Workout Calendar

So, I know we are about halfway through September, but I haven't shared my calendar for the month!

There it is!
I have made some changes to it.  Instead of the Shred, I'm doing the 30-day May Challenge from  I'm loving it because it is so challenging and different every day.  You can't get bored with it because there's something new every time.
I'm using Hulu to find yoga videos.  This week I did a Yoga Zone video for conditioning and stress release.  It was a great sequence of stretches after a tough week of running.
The AT runs are an Intermediate 5k Plan from Active Trainer.  It has been challenging, but my speed and endurance are both up!

I think I'm finally over ear infections/pneumonia/sinus infections/bronchitis/etc.  That has made sticking to my workouts really tough.  I've missed about 5 workouts in the last month.  I guess that isn't so bad in the grand scheme of things.

I am struggling with craving sweets lately.  My friends and I are working on a weekly challenge.  I think sugar free will be a challenge soon!

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