Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Supporting a Friend with Breast Cancer

Recently, a very good friend from my small group at church was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Of course, the rest of her friends and I are desperate to be as supportive as possible.  Several of us helped them unpack as they were moving into a new house at the time of her diagnosis.  We've all been supplying meals and many of us went wig shopping with her.  We are also getting a team together for the Race for the Cure in October.
Here is another small (but prayer is BIG) thing we are doing.  I wanted to share because I know girlfriends walk through this together often.  Feel free to copy all of this!
They have had several visitors bringing food and doing what they can to help out.  We wanted to provide a way for each person to leave with a reminder.  So, we put together a basket with pink ribbons ready to wear and scripture cards with specific ways to pray on the back.

Here are some of the scriptures we used with the prayer request that matches:

What a privilege to be able to walk with my friend through a hard time.  And what an honor to be among these other very godly women who are walking with her.  I'm so thankful to know these ladies!

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