Monday, July 23, 2012

Run Forrest Run

I don't think I have shared my Father's Day gift for my Daddy with you yet.
A couple of years ago, my dad lost both of his legs above the knee after battling a really aggressive infection for over a year.  Sitting in a wheel chair and learning to do everything from a seat has been difficult - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Daddy has always been active in the sense that he was always up to something - fixing cars, building furniture, or trying something new.  Some of my favorite childhood memories were in his workshop in the basement of our house. I can remember hearing all of the noises downstairs in my childhood - the clang of his hand tools, the grinding power tools, and the loud exhales during his exercise routines.
If there was anything in the world I could have given him for Father's Day it would be new legs so he can get back to his active lifestyle.  I can't do that, so I decided to give him my own. Since I can't take them off and give them to him, I decided to use my legs for him.
I plan to run one 5k race a month until I am ready to run a half marathon.  I'm hoping that will happen in February and I'm certainly praying that we can get him there at the finish line with me!  Daddy and I will be doing this to raise money for several special causes that are important to both of us, beginning in September.
He's got a really big heart.  He likes to do things for others and see the smile that appears on their face.  He's always finding some little toy or treat to give to any child he comes in contact with.  His children, grandchildren, and surrogate grands are all so precious to him!  I wanted to give him something that helped him give more.

Below are the dates, the race, and the charity we will be raising money for.
September 3 - Color Run, for Team OneVerse (you can click that to sponsor me)
October 20 - Race for the Cure, for Cathy's Chemo-sabes
November 11 - World Run Day*, for the Greater Birmingham YMCA (?)
December - ? (Wish I could do St. Jude, but maybe I'll be ready for that half next year!)
January - ? 
February - Mercedes HALF MARATHON, ?

Here's the problem - I'm NOT a runner!  Well, I wasn't a runner.  I am becoming a runner!  I am on week 8 of Couch 2 5k.  I ran 2 miles straight this morning. I'm still a slow runner, but I'm doing it!  Every time I run and I want to stop, I just think about my Daddy who can't run.  Ever.
I wish Daddy had running legs!

*World Run Day can be done anywhere with anyone.  We are doing this at the local YMCA so Dad can ride in his chair next to me while I run.  I'd love to have a whole herd of people with us that day!  Anybody want to join us???

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