Monday, August 13, 2012

I Love Disney Toms

Here's a secret about me: I am a 5-year-old trapped in a 33 29-year-old's body when it comes to Disney World.  I always enjoyed Disney movies, but had never experienced the magic that is Disney World until my honeymoon.  I turned about 5 when the plane landed in Orlando and I don't feel ashamed at all!

We have another trip planned later this year with some friends of ours.  I'm so excited that I'm not sure I can contain myself.  It is still several months away, but not too early to start planning my Disney wardrobe!

I made this necklace for a client to wear in Disney World last year.  I'll have to make one for myself!

I've seen several things on Pinterest, of course, that I plan to attempt.

Nails, of course.  I don't know how to choose!  Maybe I'll have to change throughout the week :)

The first set of nails didn't have a link, the second set is from Nail Network, and the third is from Disney Ruthie.

Outfits: Have you ever seen Disney Bound?  Oh. My. Word.  I could have a Disney themed outfit every day of the trip!  Here's one of my favorites:

Shoes!  I do love shoes!  I found a hand painted pair of Toms on Etsy that I just loved.  I already had a pair of Toms that I don't wear much, so I didn't want to pay for new ones.  But, aren't they so cute?
I decided to use some fabric Sharpies on my own gray Toms and see what I could do.  Here's how they turned out!

Can't wait to wear them in Disney World!!!  What else do I need?

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