Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My 65

My friend L posted her list of 65 reasons she wanted to get fit on her blog The Fit Girl I Wanna Be back in April.  I've also been seeing a lot of memes (is that the correct use of the word?) on Pinterest from a tumblr called Reason to Be Fit.
These have inspired to me re-evaluate my latest reasons to work as hard as I have been.  I started out with a goal of "being fit" six months ago.  My goal was and still is a good one, but it was very vague at the time.  I knew I wanted to be able to move around easily without snapping, cracking, and popping.  I knew I wanted to weigh much less.  I knew I wanted to be confident enough in my body to try new things.  And I knew I wanted to be healthy.
As I've worked hard for these things, I've found new and more specific goals.  So, after finishing Couch-to-5k, losing 16.7 pounds, and learning to cook and enjoy healthier meals and snacks, I've decided to re-evaluate my goals and share them with you.

My 65:
1. To avoid ever having diabetes
2. To never be "obese" again
3. To feel my body, not just fat, when I put my hands on my hips
5. To run faster and further every time
6. To realize I can do that yoga pose I couldn't do last week
7. To buy clothes off the rack
8. To wear a size that is a single digit
9. To know I have self-control
11. To prove that it can be done
12. To feel muscles in my arms when I cross them
13. To look down when I'm wearing shorts and see new muscle tone
14. To run a half marathon
15. To never think about sucking in again
17. To be asked "What do you do to look like that?"
18. To avoid heart disease
19. To have more energy for my family
20. To teach others how it can be done
21. To wear gym shorts when I run without them riding up
22. To lose the extra chins
24. Because I didn't know what I could do until I tried
25. Because I am sure I'll be able to do it each time I try
26. Because my Daddy can't anymore
27. Because my Mama can't anymore
28. Because I want the rest of my family to do it
30. To finally do a pull-up
31. To want to spend my money on new equipment
32. To know what endorphins feel like
33. To leave a legacy of health
34. To be known as strong - physically and menally
35. To participate in any activity that my friends can
37. To do real push-ups
38. To think of sitting on the couch watching TV as a waste of time
39. To be petite
41. To treat my body as a temple
42. To respect myself
43. To look good for the hubby
44. To like what I see in the mirror
45. To run faster than a 12 minute mile every time
47. To crave that early morning run
48. To have a job that helps others do this
49. To have a healthy body to carry a baby
51. Because it has become a habit
52. Because every goal is a huge wall I've knocked down
53. Because other people call me an inspiration
54. Because I can't let myself down
55. Because it honors God by respecting his creation
56. Because I was born for this
58. Because being out of shape sucks
59. Because I can't go back to not doing it
60. Because I miss running/yoga/HIIT when I can't do it
61. Because my head is in this game
63. To be in control of myself
64. To appreciate my capabilities
65. To look back at the last 64 reasons and say I DID THAT!

Can you think of your 65?  Link back to me if you do!


brianticsblog said...

I love this! SOO inspiring! I can't wait until I can actually exercise. This is so stinky having hip problems!!! I am a fat tub o'lard and it ain't fun!!! I guess it would help if I'd stop eating out of boredom... :)

Mandee said...

Thank you, dear! I know you can do it as soon as you are able. It is SO. WORTH. IT. I had to go back and fix my weight loss total - it's 16.7 pounds!!! I still can't believe I AM doing this!!!