Monday, November 19, 2012

Disney DIY Shirts

I've seen a few ideas for using buttons to make a Mickey Mouse Silhouette, but no tutorials.  It isn't rocket science, but it is tedious and nerve-wracking!
I decided I wanted to sew them on rather than glue them because I like the look.

Materials: 30-40 buttons of preferred color and size, Mickey Mouse silhouette cut-out, disappearing ink fabric marker, needle, thread of preferred color choice.

First, I printed and cut out a Mickey Silhouette on freezer paper.  You can iron freezer paper onto the shirt and peel it off later, but that isn't necessary.

I just laid the silhouette on the center of the shirt and traced around it with the disappearing ink maker.  the ink disappears quickly, so don't do this step until you're ready to start sewing.
Start sewing buttons!  Just be careful to line them up on that maker line the best you can.  Try not to pull the thread too tightly or you'll get some puckering.

Easy-peasy and super cute!

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