Sunday, November 04, 2012

November Thankful Challenge, the 4th

I'm oh-so-grateful for my church family today.  I love those people!
I am specifically talking about my family at Crossbridge.  What an amazing Spirit-filled church where everyone is a dirt bag, but we love each other anyway!
From the first day I attended a service at Crossbridge, it has felt like home.  It is my family - complete with the crazy uncle nobody ever talks about (you know who you are).  There are hurts and struggles within this family and we are always stronger on the other side.  There are so many HUGE struggles that we are walking through together now.  Every time I see the love of the Spirit pour out of a brother or sister there, I am in awe of the God who created us.
What a blessing it is!

Several Crossbridge members at the Race for the Cure
Day 1

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