Monday, November 05, 2012

Mary Poppins Shirt

I'm geting PUMPED about my upcoming trip to Disney World.  The first time I went was my honeymoon, so I've never experienced it as a child.
I turn 5 and don't return to my normal age until the plane lands back at home.
This time we are going with our besties and their children.  They have a 6 year old girl and almost 3 year old boy.
I still may be more excited than the kids!  So is Julie!!!
We got together last week to make shirts for the kids and a couple for ourselves.  I'll eventually share many more pictures and some tutorials about this shirts, but this one makes me so happy, so I must share it now!
We will be having a character breakfast on the day we leave at 1900 Park Fare.  One of the characters is Mary Poppins.  I originally wanted to make SK a shirt with lace and buttons to look like Mary's dress with the red bow, but it wasn't making me happy.
Then I came up with this:

Love it!  I hope SK does too!

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