Friday, September 14, 2012

Hemming Jeans

I hemmed my own jeans!!!

While this is a mundane and simple task for many, it was a small victory for me.  My mother has always been a wonderful seamstress.  She made most of my clothes as a small child and a few things as I got older.  I'll never forget her staying up late the night before 4th grade picture day to sew my vest that I HAD to wear for my picture.  (If you didn't have a vest, you weren't cool.)  Thanks, Mom!

My mother has been on hospice care for over a year now.  She can't get out of the house very much, so I like to think of special things we can do together at her house.  It is hard to think about, but every time I'm with her I want it to be a special memory.

One of the things she has tried to do with me before is to teach me to sew on her sewing machine.  As a pre-teen/early teen I didn't see the importance of this.  Why learn to sew?  We can BUY clothes at the store!

Now that I understand that it's more about the shared experience and the passing down of a skill, I want to learn from my mommy while I still can.

Recently, I lost enough weight to buy a new size in jeans!!!  They were WAY TOO LONG though!

Here was the perfect opportunity to spend some time learning from my mom.

I had found a pin on Pinterest that was a tutorial for hemming jeans and keeping the original hem.  Bazinga!

Mom hadn't used her sewing machine in a VERY long time, so we spent most of the afternoon remember how everything goes and getting it threaded.  We should have taken video - it was hilarious!

Once we got everything done it was pretty simple.  Mom was behind me coaching and I was sewing!
Nice clean line!

A lot had to come off!  I'm only 5'2".

I think it looks pretty good for a newbie!
Her directions were thorough and easy to follow.  I should have paid closer attention to where I was cutting when I cut the excess off.  I cut right through the stitching.  I'm pretty sure I can just go back over it and it will be fine - oopsies!
I'm thrilled to have jeans at the correct length, but I'm even more thrilled that I learned how to sew from my Mommy.  
I won't forget that day. 
I want to keep sewing and learning so I can tell people when they ask, "My Mom taught me to sew."

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