Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 2: Be Still

Week 2 Challenge: Be Still
That sounds weird for a fitness challenge, doesn't it?  I had this idea last week at church when the worship leader put those two words up on the screen.

I'm horrible at being still.  Being still implies doing nothing.  Not thinking.  Not moving forward.  Not getting anything done.

Ooh.  Scary!

I wish I had thought of this challenge before.  I should have started here.  But, I was too busy thinking, moving, and doing to come up with it.
This week, we will take 7 minutes a day - all at once, or a few minutes at a time - to be still. Just sit.  
Breathe in.  
Breathe out.
Pray or meditate.
Take this time to think about why you need to worry about your health and your fitness. Why are you doing this work?  Who are you doing it for?  Do you really see your body as a temple?  
Ask God to help you when you feel weak or tired or hungry.  Ask Him to help you understand your body and how He created it to do His work.  Tell Him what you need.
Just be still.  No TV.  No email.  Nobody else.
Every day.
Be Still.
7 minutes.

It is amazing how simple the act of being still is and what a profound impact it can have on your day - even your life. 

I truly believe that anything you do in life starts with your thinking.  Losing weight and being fit is a mindset.  You've got to make up your mind about your choices before you make them.  Asking your Creator to change your mind will change your actions.
This is a lesson in self control.
This is a lesson in discipline.
This is a lesson in using your deepest desires to control your actions.

PLEASE share with us when you do this.  I can't wait to hear how He speaks to you during this time!

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