Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Own Learning

In my classroom, we are working on Passion Projects. We started by talking about things that make us exctied, what we are good at, and what we want to know more about. I gave them the example that I love to be creative and build relationships and I am good at working with children, so I combined my passions with my talents and now I'm a teacher.

After each child brainstormed their passions, talents, and interests, we started interviews. Each child talked to teachers, parents, and friends about what they thought. Based on all of that information, they each chose a topic based on their passions, talents, and interests. Then the research began! Teaching 1st graders how to research has been very interesting, but very fun! They are so excited each time they find new information. I think they are starting to realize how much learning there is to do! I looked up at one point and there were at least 6 kids gathered around a computer learning about predator/prey relationships and describing their learning to each other. They are so engaged!

Once we have gathered all of our information, we are going to present our learning to each other in any way each one chooses. One child is going to do a news report about September 11th. Two girls are working together to learn about baking. They are going to do a demonstration a la Martha Stewart! Another child is learning to play a song on the guitar and yet another is creating a billy goat habitat!

I can't wait to see and report the final results!!!

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