Monday, November 14, 2011

Daily Emails

On November 1st I noticed several posts on facebook that showed what people are thankful for.  I liked the idea and was encouraged and reminded to be grateful for the things in my life.  The area of my life that I have been most focused on lately is my marriage.  So, I decided I would take each day to think of another reason I am thankful for my husband.  Rather than posting this on FB for all the world to see, I decided to email him every day.  He thanked me for the sweet email on the first day, but hasn't said much since.  To be honest, I had hoped he would be inspired to reply to each email or say something when he got home from work.  But, he hasn't.  I would be disappointed, but his response has been even better than what I expected.  He's been sweeter, more attentive, and even more romantic!  He even took us away for the weekend!
Since November is just about half-way over, I've started thinking about how to continue this exchange.  Maybe a different theme for every month?  Here's what I have so far.

I'm hoping I can commit to this all year!  I can only imagine how God will use this to grow our relationship!

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