Friday, June 01, 2012

Attention Well Endowed Sisters!

Along with my trek into fitness has been my trek into finding a way to hold the girls down.  In the past, I have worn 3 bras for every workout. It still didn't do the job.  It kept things as still as possible, but not still enough and breathing was next to impossible.
Then this girl came into my life:

It is comfortable, first of all.  Wait...comfortable?  Did somebody built like me just call a bra comfortable???  Why yes I did! The whole thing is very well padded, so I don't feel anything poking me.  While running and jumping, there is still some movement, but it is minimal.  I don't feel like I'm bound, but I feel well supported.

I think I've found the right bra for me!  I'll let you know how it does as I've worn it more. I'm really hoping it holds up well in the long run.  It was $71 at The Fitting Touch - not the most expensive bra I've ever bought, but more than I'd like to spend too often!


Heather Smitherman said...

Hey girl - 2 months later… what's the verdict? Heather Smitherman

Mandee said...

I still really like it! There is still a little bounce, but not painful bounce. I just wish I had gotten it a bit smaller because it is going to get too big pretty quickly when I lose the next few pounds :(