Sunday, March 03, 2013

Pantry Purge

I've been pinning, reading, and researching like a mad woman!  I want to educate myself about what I am putting into and onto my body.

It's scary, folks.

Educate yourself.

Did you know that there are banned substances that the FDA allows in our foods?  If they are banned, why are they allowed?

Did you know that most major food companies pay scientists to find ways to make the food they seel more addictive? 

A friend of my recently directed me to a pin from that you must see as well.

Here's  challenge: take this list and go to your pantry.  
Pull out the items you use most in your cooking.  See any of these ingredients?
Pull out your go-to snacks for you and your children.  See any?

Surprised to see sugar in EVERYTHING?

It's there!

Get rid of it.  I'm not kidding.

We've been eating mostly sugar free and fairly clean for a few months now.  Look how much more I had to get rid of.  I'll admit, some of it we haven't been eating, it was just sitting in there and I knew it had to go.  But, a lot of it was pretty shocking. 

The amount of HYDROGENATED and PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED OILS was the most shocking for me.

That's TRANS FATS, folks.  The stuff that isn't allowed anymore - it's still there!  It is allowed as long as it can be rounded down to zero on the nutrition label.

I call that a lie.

Don't tell me zero trans fats when you know it's in there.  They may think, "hey, it's .5 grams per serving" but they know most folks have more than a serving size at a time. 
And think on this: If I eat 4 items that have .5 trans fats in them in one day, I'm getting 2 grams of trans fats and my risk of heart disease, cancer, alzheimer's, etc.

Have I ranted enough yet?

I think you get the idea.  

Read the list.  Check your labels.

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