Tuesday, March 04, 2014

VoxBox #Jadore!

So excited!  I just got my first big Voxbox from Influenster.

Here's what's inside:
Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask
Hershey's Kisses 
Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray
KISS Looks So Natural Lashes
Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas
Vaseline Men Spray Lotion

This box was full of fun stuff to try out!  The first thing on my to-do list was the eyelashes!  I've always wanted to pull off the false lashes look, but I'm pretty terrible at it.
The glue that comes with these lashes turns green when you apply it, so that makes it a little easier to make sure you've covered the lash.  I'm not sure if it was me or the lashes, but I didn't love this experience!  I kept them on for a little while, but removed them before leaving the house.  They just didn't' feel secure.

Next on my list was the mask.  Oh, how I love a good face mask.
How pretty is that?  I really really really like this mask by Boots Botanicals!  My skin tends to be a little dry in cold weather, so I was worried I'd be flaky.  But I wasn't!
The mask dries quickly and left my face feeling soft.  I love it!

After a relaxing facial I needed a cup of tea!

I LOVED the Creme Caramel Red Rose Tea!  What a great treat on a cold day!  It was sweet and flavorful without tasting artificial or too sweet.  There was a coupon in the VoxBox for $2.00 off a box of tea AND each tea bag package has a coupon!  Thanks, VoxBox!

Also in the box:

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