Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mom's San Francisco

One of Mom's favorite places in the world was San Francisco, California.  She went there in April of 1991 while my daddy was taking a 2-week course out there for work.  She talked about that trip over and over for the 23 years after that.  It was "the most romantic city" and "the perfect vacation spot."

Before we knew she only had a matter of weeks left, I found out my husband would be going on a business trip there.  Mom insisted that I should go with him!  But, before we could really make any plans, we found out Mom only had a few days left with us.
All of our time was devoted to being with her.  After she passed away, all of our time was devoted to plans and mourning - no thoughts of travel.

When it came time for the hubs to make his travel plans, he asked if I still wanted to go.  At first, the thought of being gone for Mother's Day was scary.

What would I do for Mother's Day now?

I couldn't even wrap my head around how to do that day.  When I talked to Daddy about it, he insisted that San Francisco was the perfect place to celebrate Mother's Day.  That's where Mom would love to be, so why not celebrate her by being in her favorite place?

So, before we left, I looked through Mom's favorite pictures and found the ones I wanted to recreate.
And that's what I did.

Ghirardelli Square from Hyde Park

Golden Gate Bridge - I think we found the spot!
This was on Mother's Day.  It was the perfect moment "with" Mom!

Pacific Ocean

Ghirardelli Square

Pier 39 Carousel at Fisherman's Wharf

Mom took the picture on the bottom.  She was in front of the hotel where I stayed this year!  Totally coincedince!
I don't know how Heaven works.
I don't know if God allows the residents to see us.  to be with us.
But I felt my Mom on this trip.
I know she cheered every time I found the right spot.  I know she smiled when she realized I love that city as much as she did.

I miss her and I was glad to have her with me!

*UPDATE: I've been back from my trip for a week now.  I'm doing much better than I was pre-trip. I think it was really healing for me.
My own memorial.
My own way to let her go into her new life while I go on with mine.

If you've lost a loved one, I encourage you to do something similar.  Maybe yours isn't a trip.
Maybe there is some adventure that they had.
Or some quiet spot they enjoyed.
Or something they always wanted to do but never had the chance.

Do it.

***To see more about my trip, click here!***

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