Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Ho Ho Ho

Why does it take so long for Christmas to get here and yet its gone so quickly? On a worldly note...I love the holiday! I love shopping for the people I love. I love thinking of the perfect gift and then finding it...for half price! I love knowing that friends and family will feel special when they see what I have chosen for them. I love baking (even when I burn stuff). I love how peoples' attitudes change, even if just for a day or 2. I love being with everyone I care about most. I love watching the faces of children as they soak up the magic of Christmas. I love hearing change clink in the bottom of the Salvation Army bucket. I love smelling Mom's gumbo on Christmas Eve. I love still feeling a little giddy when I hear Santa coming on the fire engine.
More than all of that, I love the reason we have a holiday on December 25th. I love Jesus. I love that he was born so that I could be born again. I love that he was born to die so that I didn't have to die. I love that no gift I give will ever match the gift He has given to us all. I love singing praises that our Savior was born. I love the candle light that reminds me of the little light the kings followed over 2000 years ago. I love that Christmas is not just December 25th, but part of my salvation that lasts all year and all my life...until my life is eternal.
As Garry said...I'm looking forward to spending eternity with you, fellow Christians.

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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