Monday, February 07, 2005


I've got to tell you, God works all the time...whether we decide to pay attention or not. He listens and then responds. Only, you don't hear the response unless you are listening.
A while back, Ken and I prayed that I would find a connection and start to feel like I'm really part of something. It wasn't a very specific prayer, I was just feeling out of place. Really, the only time I felt that I belonged was when I was with Ken. I am grateful for that, but it isn't healthy to put all of my 'worth' into Ken. (Yes, my worth comes from God, but that's not my point here).
Anyway...God has answered and I'm making more friends than I can count. They all have some big reason for being in my life that is already becoming very clear to me. So...not only has he answered my prayers for friends that I can connect with, but he is answering other prayers through them. Am I making any sense at all?
First, there is K. She is hilarious and about as nutty as me. We both love to shop and we're girly, but we're both on fire for God more than anything else. We share some of the same regrets and a lot of the same hopes.
God, thanks for letting us spend last Saturday together. I know we
felt blessed to have that outing and I believe others were greatly blessed by
it as well. Please continue to grow our trust and openness and help me be
the friend she needs me to be.

Then there is S. I'm really just starting to get to know her, but she seems so great! I'm not sure what I can do in her life other than just be somebody in Alabama that she knows she can turn to. She is such an inspiration to me...coming to a place where she doesn't really know anyone to help her sister take care of her family. How many people would really do that? She's really funny and has a gentleness about her that is hard to miss.

God, I thank for the the woman of noble character that I see in
S. I pray that I can learn from her and that I can help her in ways that
she needs. Please put me in a position to help her and let You work
through me to reward her!

And L...she's so fun! I have really enjoyed talking to her and we have
recently learned that we have been praying for the same things. She wants
to feel connected at church too. I do feel a connection with her. I
really like that she isn't interested in gossip at all...a very admirable trait
(especially in a woman). She's also got a lot of experience with
marriage and children that I am already learning a lot from. She's
an honest and genuine person and I can see that she is going to greatly effect
God, please help L and I help each other. Show me how to support
her and let her know that I admire her and that I am thankful for her.
God, you have answered so many prayers in my life by giving us the opportunity
to talk.

Lord, I am in AWE of You. You truly to do hear me and you really
love me. I can't believe you care enough about me to bless me with so many
wonderful people...these women to share my life and love for you with.

God, thank you for the new Bible Study that I have become part of...I
am looking forward to learning from those women also.

And thank you for Ken. He is such a godly man. He's a helper
and a servant a he's so humble about it. I have enjoyed hearing how much
he means to other people as well. Thank you so much for his influence in
my life and especially his love for me, but mostly for his love for


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Shelia said...

I think there are a lot of people who are longing to feel connected. I don't think this is a feeling that is unique to just a few of us. I guess I'm beginning to realize that we have to make an effort to connect with people and not wait for them to take the first step. When we do this, we help those who are searching and also help ourselves when we're searching. On a more personal note, I enjoyed talking with you at the super bowl party the other night. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better in the future.