Thursday, January 20, 2005

Jesus to Me

There is somebody in my life who shows me Jesus every day.
This person puts up with so much from me with compassion and patience. He bears my burdens with me and supports me no matter how ridiculous I am being. He is honest and helpful, strong and sincere. He shows me Jesus.
I watch him take time for other people...compliment them, help them, encourage them...he seems to have a gift for knowing just what somebody needs from him at any give time. I think this is a gift in him...a way for him to be Christ-like. He really does put others before him, but he still respects himself and takes care of himself because he knows God loves him too. He isn't afraid to admit a wrong or ask for forgiveness. He is fair.
I watch him with his children them...growing them up, taking care of them, loveing them with everything he has in him. Its amazing to see the way he loves...its a very full and pure love.
He loves me that way too...accepting me as I am, but never letting me be less than God made me. He comforts me and supports me, but never lets me get away with anything. His love is real and pure and a true blessing from the Lord.

God, thank you for this man that you have put in my life. Though your
plan is not fully clear to us, we are well aware that you are taking care of
us. You have given us the gift of each other and we are greatful.
Please let me be the woman he deserves.

P.S. Those of you that know him, know exactly what I mean!

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