Friday, January 07, 2005

I have decided...

That today I need to change my attitude about everything. Here are some changes...
  • It's not all about me
  • God will take care of me
  • It's not all about me
  • Life on Earth is only the beginning of LIFE
  • It's not all about me
  • The best trip you'll ever take is to meet somebody half way ( I didn't come up with that one on my own, but its oh-so-true)
  • It really is not all about me
  • I can't lose focus on the big picture...GOD
  • Still not all about me
  • I have a purpose whether I realize it or not and God is working on me to get it out in the open
  • But it really isn't about me
  • Just because you want something doesn't mean you get it
  • Obviously, painfully (at times) not all about me
  • LET GO!!!!!! I keep telling God that I'm putting my life in His hands, I'm trusting Him, I'm not in control, but good grief...I'm so stubborn!
  • Yet, its not all about me! (Thank goodness cause I'm a mess)

So...I don't feel much better yet. I guess it will take more than writing it in a blog. I guess I have to live that way. I really have to get better at letting God be in control. Not only do I want to control my destiny, but I want to control every situation in my life...I've even gotten to the point of trying to control other people. It makes me not like who I have become. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with a lot of the changes I have made in my life. But there is much more wrong with me. I don't know if its new stuff or stuff I've never noticed. I'm a self-centered and shallow spoiled brat! Ew...I didn't like saying (typing) that out loud.

(why is this double spacing when I mash enter?)

Here's what I want to change:

--Obsessed with hating the way I look (and not doing anything about it)

--Being hypersensitive to every little thing the people I love do and/or say.

--Placing expectations on myself and everyone around me to the point that I am in a constant state of disappointment

--Thinking about how I am effected in each and every situation around me, rather than putting my feelings aside to help a brother or sister

--Writing an entire blog about ME!

Now, don't I sound like the kind of person you would want to be friends with? Not really fond of being friends with myself right now. I'll try to revisit this and see if I (God's working harder than I ever could) make any progress. PRAYER WARRIORS>>>you have a mission!


ica said...

Best of luck to you with your goals!

Anonymous said...

ah, but it is about you, because God wants to share Himself with us. we are His children, His heirs, His bride. His precious ones. He loves us very much!

Shelia said...

As you commented on my blog, our lists are strangely similar. Extreme makeover here we come!