Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Digital Camera

Ok, so I might be able to use some Christmas money to get a dgital camera. I don't want to spend a lot...$200 is ideal. I have checked out the Kodak CX7430 4.0 Megapixel camera. Looks pretty good...any suggestions?


Barefoot Principessa said...

Looks good to me -- have fun with it! I definitely think it's a purchase worth making :)

Thanks for playing my game; stop by again sometime!

Grumbling At God said...

No bright ideas about cameras. I have a 4megapix digital one. I remember buying it - the salesman was great (seriously). He was going on and on and on about this fab one - that could do this and that and the other - you know the sort of camera that does your ironing. I wasn't sure and then I spotted a cheaper one and asked him about that and basically it was one that was er - more basic. I wanted a camera to take pictures. I like them for memories but I don't want the frills - and I guess that is what my suggestion is - you need to work out whether you want your camera to do fancy things or not.

One other word of advice. I cleverly downloaded my pictures onto my computer and I was so proud of myself. I didn't have a dvd re-writer and so when my c drive crashed - I lost them all. That's life! Don't let it happen to you.