Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Long time...

No post!
I have been so busy! School is going really well. This week is midterm week and I have all A's as of right now! I don't think that has happened since 2nd grade...pray I can keep it up. I got the thrid hightest grade in the class on my history test and he even used my essay as the example of what a good essay should look like...I'm so exctied! Yes, I've become a nerd and I like it!
Spiritually, I'm feeling good right now. Not content or fully satisfied...but I feel like I'm pointed in a better direction than I was a couple of weeks ago. (I know that nobody outside of my head can follow this post...its really for me). I feel like I'm maturing and I've been able to look back recently at ways that I've really grown in the last 2 years.
Speaking of 2 years...Ken and I have been together 2 years now. I can't believe it. It seems longer than that, but like it hasn't been that long all at the same time. He just had a was a nice day. The girls came over for dinner and stuff, so it was just the kind of thing he likes.
I think I'm done rambling for right now. I'll do some homework...

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Shelia said...

Where have all the bloggers gone????