Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Well, this year should be interesting. I will be starting graduate school in 6 days...yeah, just 6 days. I'm scared and excited and terrified and anxious and sleepy already.
I'm trying to remember some of 2005...something interesting from each month...
January: I went to a State Supreme Court Induction...that was pretty interesting and exciting for a family friend. And I went to Chuck. E. Cheese that month...and I got my digital camera!
February: Won a chilli cook-off. Lot's of babies born...my cousin had twins, friends at church had twins, and my best friend had precious Cody. My nephew got married too. I also started a Bible Study with some other women that really healed me.
March: My first threaputic massage for my back! Went to visit my church parents, HC and Bonnie. Started physical therapy for my back. Attended the Lads to Leaders conference with my church.
April: Helped with a lock-in at Whitney's school...that's when I started thinking about how great it would be to be a teacher.
May: Some very dear friends from church left. Talked to my sister about some difficult things and then talked to my parents. Went camping for my birthday.
June: Went to JINO and got a taste for mission work. Mom and Dad celebrated 40 years of marriage.
July: CACY Camp...where I taught a Bible Class and realized that I may have a gift for teaching children...also learned that I love elementary aged chilren. Ken went to Honduras with Jennifer and Amber and other folks from church. Alexis was born! Celebrated Mom's 60the birthday!
August: Visited Ang and Cody in Clarksville. Met with the Dean of the Department of Education at UM. Hurricane Katrina changed lives in my family.
September: Spent a lot of time with afformentioned family because they stayed here after the hurricane. Saw the Lion King with Mom at the Birminghma Broadway Series.
October: Went roller skating. Met with my advisor to plan my schedule for school. Started working out regularly (and I've kept it up).
November: Went to Clarksville to visit Ang and Cody again. Went to the dentist for the first time in a while. Registered for classes. Experienced my first Crazy Chicks Christmas Party with my Aunt from New Orleans.
December: Several Holidy activities - Church Banquet, Lifewalk party, Program at church, Bible Study cookie baking...Spent a lot of time with my family and Ken's family and enjoyed the true meaning of Christmas.
I was truly blessed this past year. I hope not only to be blessed again this coming year, but to be a blessing! And may God bless you this year as well...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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