Saturday, April 30, 2011


Cybraryman websites - what a fun presenter! He really loves education and loves sharing!

Session 1 - Room 229 Jennifer Barnett - book published at Amazon and B&N
Youtube video
  • "teacherpreneurs" BE ONE!
  • creating a dynamic and flexible learning environment
  • transforming public education through digital technologies
  • re-imagining teaching as a well-compensated career - What if organizations like United Way or Big Brothers/Big Sisters helped compensate???
  • "Fine line between those who teach in schools and those who lead them." Link to blog from here.

What do we want to see in 19 year?
  • Best person teaching kids where they are (geographically) - no matter where YOU are
  • more than 1 adult in the room - more one-on-one, sharing strategies, collaboration/professional growth
  • Teachers having a voice in legislation - they need info. from the classroom to base decisions on, must balance their concern for student safety - address their security online
  • No more pigeon holes
  • Who does the responsibility of solving school problems belong to? US!
  • Teacher led school????
  • Daily transparency in our classroom - if we all do it on a daily basis, it become the norm and others are expected to follow suit.
  • Teachers need to be marketers! Who is the marketing expert at your school? What can they teach your faculty about getting the word out?
  • Every school has so much untapped potential that can solve the real problems.
  • Educate parents at the beginning and keep them updated - then they aren't afraid to speak up for their own child.
  • SHOW each other what we are doing - convince principals to have a SMACK DOWN session :)
  • What is hindering us? We know what to do correctly, but what's in the way?
  • Check out Sir Ken Robinson!!! TED talks, etc.
Session 2 - Room 317 - Student Presentation Tools
  • Interactive Noteboook - first day project, create a Glogster to introduce yourself and print it out
  • WEB 2.0 - Somebody has created a tool online to use for free!
  • PREZI has a meeting button now.
  • Xtranormal ...seeing things on the edu site that wouldn't be good for my babies though!
  • Virtual Field Trips for research
  • Presentation Tools: Mix book, photostory, Wix, storybird, zooburst, tikatok, Our Story, ZFlip
  • A project is just the result, not the lesson. What are they DOING??? NOT what are they making???
  • edmodo

Session 3 - Today's Classroom - Amanda Stone, Dana Joyner, Mandee McDonald
Global access, connecting, collaborating, creating, and LEARNING THEIR WAY!
What defines a classroom of today?
  • mutual respect
  • flexibility
  • student-driven
  • risk taking
Inquiry Based Learning - now What we know, but HOW we come to know...replace lesson plans with facilitated learning plans
  • natural progression of differentiated instruction
  • questions
  • thinking
  • facilitating
  • ownership
Technology: Not about the tool, must inhance curriculum, technology has become default for "effort", IS about connecting, collaborating, social networking, PAPERLESS

Student Centered:
  • Their needs?
  • Design their own assessment and assess each other
  • Where are they going?
  • They tell you what they know and need to know
  • They can be experts too - they teach us
Collaboration site - Lisa Parisi in New York

TWEETS from other sessions:
Let kids create videos what school Means to you @Reshape the image of school for the public.
Can you describe what your (school, classroom, yourself) in 140 characters?
Let's put our kids outside to do science! Expose them 2 the world, tear down walls so meaningful experiences can take place!

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