Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Was one of the best days of my school year! We had a great day and I can't pin-point just one thing that made it better than all the others. We started the morning with digging in our terrarium. It wasn't even planned that way. I was trying to replant the seedling when the kids started entering the room. They were all so interested, so I just let them gather around the table. We just kept digging and exploring and talking and thinking. It was great learning! The kids got settled into their morning work while I worked with my intervention group. With our new classroom arrangement, we had plenty of space to work on the floor. I looked up about 15 minutes into intervention and saw my students using the new spaces in our room the way they were meant to be used ON THEIR OWN! They've already taken ownership and responsibility of their learning environment. I was so proud! The rest of our lessons went better than I expected! Nobody tattled at lunch! There were no tears when it was time to choose a reading spot...they helped each other all day!!! When recess time came, I played frisbee with them. I'm sure I looked like a nut trying to play frisbee in 83 degree heat, but we had a great time! At the end of the day, a student gave me a book she had made for me. It started out: "Dear Mrs. McD. I love you!" But, here is the kicker...the best sentence a child could write to me... "I know you love me too" GREAT! DAY!!!!

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