Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My last few posts have been about getting my mojo back, refocusing, and jump-starting myself.


I haven't done it.  While I haven't completely fall off the wagon, but I'm barley hanging on with a pinkie finger.  I've exercised about once a week and I've let myself indulge on an almost daily basis.  I haven't stayed low-cal, clean, or even low-carb.

My eating habits are down the drain and so are my exercise habits!

After mentally beating myself up on daily basis and comparing myself to every successful fitness/weight-loss blogger and pinned out there, I have come to a realization.

There's no secret formula.  There isn't one perfect path that everyone should (or can) follow.  There are lots of paths that work for lots of people, but we are all different.


  • What activities get your heart beating?  Do you LOATHE running but enjoy tennis?  Then don't run!!!  Go play some tennis!
  • What makes you feel strong?  Free weights work for some, but if yoga makes your muscles burn, do some yoga!
What about food?  Does the thought of a Paleo diet make you want to eat an entire chocolate cake?  Then maybe Paleo isn't for you.  But, please don't eat a cake - unless you know what's really in there.


I've been reading a book called The End of Overeating.  I'm learning so much about how foods are engineered to become addictive.  You've probably heard the buzz words "obesogens" and "clean eating."  Obesogens are chemicals and processed ingredients in our foods that are making us fat.  Clean eating means you don't eat anything that is processed or unnatural.  I'm aware that this could be a fad, but I'm also making myself more aware of the research that backs these things up.


There are too many diets out there.  Most of them are fads and gimmicks.  If it is too good to be true, it is.  If it promises a rapid weight loss without changing your diet and exercise, it isn't going to work long-term and it isn't healthy.
Don't focus on the scale.  Focus on health and fitness.
If it isn't working for you, then try something else.  
Don't give up.
Ask for help.

That's my two cents - or whatever it's worth. I'm going to keep on keeping on and hope for the best!  This isn't about how I look compared to anyone else.  It isn't about how fast I reach my goal.  This is about treating my body like I would an expensive vehicle - take care of the engine, give it the best fuel, and shine up the exterior!

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