Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chalk Paint

First things first - have you missed me?
I've been busy doing non-crafty things and doing nothing.  I just needed a break from sharing.  I've needed to re-charge my batteries and find some new inspiriation.

With that said, I'm on a new crafting roll!  My current obsession is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
My BFF bought a new table at Ikea and decided to paint it and embellish it herself.  She visited out local Annie Sloan dealer and was welcomed into a whole new world of painting possibilities!
And when one of us is welcomed to a new world, we all are!
Since I won't be refinishing any large pieces until we have a house, I had to start small.

I bought this black glossy frame at 50% off at least a year ago.  I've been waiting to find just the right treatment for it.
Annie Sloan Paint is very high quality and VERY expensive.  I decided to try to make my own.
I found Valspar paint in sample size at Lowe's for about $3.  The color is Tropical Oasis.
I just added a table spoon of the grout to half a cup of the paint (about half of the sample size) and started painting it on with a brush I already had.

Some of the crevices looked a little cracked, but I forged ahead!

Sanding was next.  I had a simple little sanding block that I rubbed all over my frame in a very deliberate hap-hazard way.  I just sanded until it looked worn.

I was afraid to start glazing/waxing without ever doing that before so i grabbed a candle stick off the mantel and roughed it up too.

I brushed on some antique glaze and rubbed it off with a cheese cloth.
It was that simple and I love the result!

So then I felt brave enough to continue with the frame.

 And I LOVE her!!!  It is pretty much exactly what I had in mind, but better!  And so easy!
I think my total cost was something like this:
Frame: Already had it, but paid $16
Paint: $3
Un-sanded Grout: $12, but will make TONS of paint in the future
Glaze: $20, but will be used for many many more projects

What to do next???

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