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Made to Crave - Week 1 of the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study

I thought I'd share my reflections from my first week this fabulous Bible study.
But I've got about 7 pages of notes and too much to say about all of it!
So I will share some of my thoughts from the week.


"My weight is a direct reflection of my choices and the state of my health." pg 16
Well, that hurt my feelings.  It's true.  I'm not only self-conscious about my appearance and size, but more about what it says about me. I'm a walking billboard that shows people that I have no self-control.  I, in fact, do not have it all together.
This is a mental/spiritual/emotional battle even more than it is a physical one.

Chapter 1:

I am made for more than this!  How can I possibly do what God is calling me to do if I am constantly nagged by how lethargic I feel, or how I look in my clothes, or how uncomfortable I am because my jeans are digging in?  I'm made to be a warrior for God!  Warriors can get up off the couch quickly - without adjusting the waistband of their pants!
"Truth is powerful.  The more saturated we are with truth, the more powerful we'll be in resisting our temptations." pg 24
Getting into the Word is essential.  In order to replace my thoughts of self-doubt and self-defeat, I have to KNOW what the Word says about me. What does God say about my health? my body? my habits?

Reflections: You know the WW commercials with the orange monster?  He represents cravings, chasing you around with sweets and unhealthy treats - jerk!  The question presented asked what my monster looks like. I was shocked at my own answer.
I don't see a little hyper monster.  I see a giant dark figure blocking my way to anything healthy and bullying me toward the wrong foods.  It's like the Grimm Reaper!
Then the question asks what conversation I'd have with my cravings monster.  And I couldn't think of anything.  I can't imagine it talking to me. I can only imagine over-powering it and making it shrink bit-by-bit by harnessing the power of the Holy Spirit.

Now - who want to analyze that?

Chapter 2:

CRAVING IS A PROMPT TO PRAY!  That was the biggest thing I got out of this week. Every time I craving strikes - pray!  At first, I prayed about my craving and about my desire to lose weight and eat healthy foods.  But now I take try prompt as a time to pray for others.  I've already grown in my prayer life!

Reflections: I had to reflect on my reasons for eating over the last week.  After listing all the times I've eaten when it wasn't just about nutrition, I would say my biggest weakness with food is INDULGENCE.  I eat to make myself feel better, to celebrate, or just to really enjoy way too much of the wrong foods!  I'm being indulgent - time to get in the Word about over-indulgence!
I welcome your input on verses I can look at for that!

After reading chapter 2, there was a Facebook event with several questions and activities.  I am working on memorizing this verse.  I used the unpacking method on this one too!

Chapter 3:

Gardens bloom into beautiful flowers because the gardener has invested time and energy.  Same with my own outer beauty - it will take time and energy.  There's no magic fix.
Time to make my plan.  One that I can stick to. One that I will invest in.

Reflections: I was asked if having a plan in other areas of my life works well for me.  My initial reaction was no.  I'm more of a spontaneous, let's see what tomorrow brings, kind of person.  I see plans as rigid, difficult, restrictive.  I do know that structure and preparation usually help me.  
As I wrote more and more about this question, I realize that I CAN do a plan!
Planning is actually more empowering than restrictive!
I am thankful to God for revealing that to me.
I also made my plan: Back to basically clean eating - no white sugars or starches.  Limited whole grains.  A lean protein, fruits, veggies, and whole-grain plan.

So…I have a plan about food.
I have a plan to pray more.
I have a plan to read and LEARN more about the Word.

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