Monday, June 27, 2005

No More

I will not be negative anymore. I will not mope. I will not complain. This is it...I'm turning over a new leaf (actually, I'm turning an old leaf back over). I used to be known for my ability to find a silver lining around the darkest cloud; for finding the good in the worst; and for staying optimistic when the cards were stacked against me.

My how things have changed.

I'm so negative these days.
"Hi Mandee, how are you today?"
"My life sucks...and you?"

That's no good! Not fun, not enjoyable, not the way a Christian shows Jesus to anyone! So, I'm going to make the JOY OF THE LORD my strength because NOBODY FILLS MY HEART LIKE JESUS. Those are 2 of the songs we sang a church yesterday. Quite perfect for me.

So, this blog is now a negative free zone!

Welcome back, me!

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Greg said...


Those songs...and the meaning behind the same thing for me! Have a blessed week.