Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday almost got away from me!  I've been thinking it's Monday all day long.  We had a four-day weekend and yesterday was so busy that I felt like I was just starting my week today.
In my previous post, I talked about all the memories we made this weekend.  I've been in a pretty good mood ever sense then!  I'm not having a hard time being positive!
Where I do need a big dose of positive is getting back on track. I did treat myself for my birthday - I ate an entire dessert by myself on Tuesday and I'm still paying for it!  I did see a change in my weight this morning and I've been feeling the carb bloat.  I have kept up with my Couch25k training.  I'll be starting week 4 on Saturday!

Here's what's on my TO DO list for getting back on track:

  • Spend time in THE WORD every day.  I've got to get re-focused on why I'm doing this.  My body must be in the best shape it can be in so I can live a life worthy of the grace and mercy I've been given.
  • Do the Mean Abs June calendar I found on Pinterest
  • Continue C25k until I can run 5k in less than 40 minutes.  Then keep running!
  • Try some Body Rock videos.
  • Read I Quit Sugar and follow her tips.  I don't want to eliminate fruits, but I do want to eliminate all other sugars.  I think that is what my body likes to store as lard-o the most.

That should be enough for now!  I can do this.  I've done similar things already.  Maybe I should challenge myself a little more!

Hey fat girl!
I read this blog today and had tears streaming down my face as I read it.  I have always wondered what those fit runner-types think when they see my overweight body huffing and puffing around the track.  I wondered if they rolled their eyes as they passed or gave me an "atta girl" in their heads.  If you've ever felt out of place anywhere, this is worth a read!


brianticsblog said...

I did NOT know you blogged!!!!!!! I am SO excited! Will you be a guest blogger for me? Type something up and come on over!

Mandee said...

Your blog is so way better and cuter and funnier, but I'd love to be a guest! Give me a topic - I'll talk amongst myselves.