Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Time Marches On

Well, the last couple of weeks have been quite busy!  I've thought about blogging, but I haven't cleared my head enough to just sit down and do it!
In the past 16 days, I've spent my last day with my little friend Micah.  He's been staying with me all day every other week since August. His mom is a teacher, so she's home with him for the summer.  She's so happy to be able to spend every day with him now, but I sure do miss that little man!  He was 7 months old when we started our time together.  I got to see him change and grow so much.  That last day that I put him in his car seat to go home was rough!
This past Sunday, my nephew graduated from high school - the same high school I graduated from EXACTLY 15 years before him.  I'm so proud of him!  He will be attending Millsaps in the fall to play basketball.  He's not just an athlete, but he also received an award from the Army for his performance on and off the field.  They choose one male and one female student athlete each year.  We were also able to bring my Mom.  She's been on hospice care since September, so being part of any holiday or major event is very precious.

Monday was Memorial Day.  The hubs was off work, so we went to visit one set of his parents in their small town.  We went to a little park with friends from their church for a cook-out.  It was so hot, but a lot of fun!  My MIL and I teamed up for a game similar to horseshoes, but with washers.  It was neck-and-neck at the end of the game and I got us the win!  Ha!  That was fun.
When we left the park, we stopped by his Grandpa's house.  He was in WWII in the Pacific, so Memorial Day has a strong meaning for him.  We spent a long time listening to his stories about the war.  It is still unimaginable for me, but so real for the men and women who have fought for us.  It was a perfect and meaningful way to spend the day.  Here's Grandpa showing us his medals and pictures.

Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!  I love birthdays - not just mine, but any birthday. My sweet hubby took the day off from work.  We started the day with him joining me for my run.  That was a treat!  Then we went to breakfast at my favorite place and ALL THREE of my girls were there!  Then we went to the mall where Murphy's Law kicked in.  The hubs told me I had a certain amount of money to spend and to go shopping!  I searched the mall and left empty handed - figures, right?  Next time I got to the mall I will find all kinds of stuff I want and I won't have the money to spend.  
After the mall, we went to CPK for dinner. I was excited to see our best friends there, but it took me several minutes to realize that they were there for ME!  We had a great dinner and I got some really sweet cards.  
When we got back to the car to go home, I got another card and some pretty and "fun" earrings from the hubs. He was so sweet and spoiled me all day!
He's so silly - gave me a card that we had to reenact!

When we got home, I still had more presents to open!  I got the Tervis water bottle I wanted and a DREMEL!!!!!!!!  Those were from my other set of in-laws that I didn't get to see this week.  I can't wait to start on some projects with my new toy!
I also got so many sweet and thoughtful texts, emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages.  What a great day!
I took a couple of days off from eating cleaner and healthier.  It just wasn't worth it.  The desserts I had were so good, but a bite or two would have been enough.  I have learned another lesson!  My stomach is upset and I feel lethargic today.  Time to get healthy again!

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