Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Clean Eating Goals

So, I'm going to become one of those people.

A clean eater.

When I first heard about clean eating, I thought of it as the latest hippie fad.

Honestly, the more research I do, the more I get on board.

Our country is plagued with crap disguised as food and nutrition.  While these things may be food, they contain little to no nutrition.
What they do contain is chemicals, fake colors and flavors, and a whole lot of mystery about what these things really do to our bodies.
I'm guilty of eating packaged foods that claim being health foods for years.  I was proud of myself for bringing "diet" foods for lunch and heating them up in the microwave!  What was in them?  I'm not really sure.

When I first joined Pinterest, I created a board called Mmmmm where I pinned all of the recipes that interested me.  I tried a few of them for dinner and they were tasty!  But, I had no idea what I was actually putting in my body or feeding my family.
Lots of pasta and bread on this board!

Once I got myself in the right frame of mind, I created a new food board called Healthy Yum.  This is where I started pinning low-carb recipes, then low fat recipes, then recipes that included mostly lean protein and veggies.  Sometimes I pinned recipes here just because it said they were healthy - even though I didn't really know what was in it.  It's time for me to weed through this board and get rid of the "crap" recipes.
Some healthy recipes, some not so healthy!

Now that I've done my homework, I understand more about clean eating.  I am in NO way an expert, but I know where my focus needs to be now.  I've created a board called Clean Recipes where I've started pinning not only recipes, but resources on clean cooking.
Anything looking yummy yet?
Here are some resources if you are interested in clean eating yourself (and you should be):
The Gracious Pantry - Most of my pins are her recipes.
Hungry For Change - I watched this documentary on Netflix.  This is where I was convinced!

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