Tuesday, April 23, 2013

28 days to lose 8 pounds

I'm in an abusive relationship.  With myself.  And food.

Ok...it's out there!  I have to stop it right now.

So, I'm just biting the bullet.  I am going to lose 2 pounds a week for the next 4 weeks.  By May 22, I will write a blog post to tell you all that I have lost 8 pounds.

I was on a roll for a while there.  I was making some really good progress.  I was feeling good, enjoying making healthy choices in my life.
People were starting to notice a big change in me and I was able to tell them that it was all from God.  It was the fruit of the Spirit - self-control.
Well, then I let gluttony take over again.  Sure, I said that constant travel and the holidays made it impossible to stay on track, but that simply isn't true.  Those circumstances made it more difficult, but not impossible.

I didn't make a plan and stick to it.  I didn't decide what I would choose before being faced with a choice.

I chose impulse and indulgence.  I chose to let food back into my life as entertainment rather than fuel.

Something happened today that made me realize I was living in the past and the future, but not the present.  I was holding onto each mistake I had made while hoping for a future that isn't happening yet. I was failing to live within each day.  I have been wasting days.

God has given me an opportunity to see more clearly.

Now I'm choosing discipline over disgust and disappointment.

I'm choosing to focus on what really matters in life.

What can you expect from me over the next 4 weeks?

  1. Daily Bible study.  The only way for my mind to have control over my body is the renewal of my mind in the Spirit.
  2. Every choice will be deliberate - food, exercise, time management, etc.
  3. I will share as openly and often as I can.
Will you join me in this newest challenge?

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