Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First Day - Forgiveness

When I got my sudden burst of motivation back yesterday, I had already started thinking about where my focus would need to be the next day.
When I woke up this morning, I opened my John Piper Devotional app on my phone and read this verse.
"Your sins are forgiven."  Luke 7:48

I've struggled with guilt in the past.  I've given God a lot of reasons to forgive me.  Actually, I've given myself a lot of reasons to need it.  But I knew this verse wasn't speaking to me about any of the "the big ones" from my past when I read it this morning.

Step one - ask for forgiveness from my sins of gluttony and laziness.


In order to ask for forgiveness for something, I have to admit that it has been an issue.  Those are embarrassing things to admit.

I am slothful.

I am gluttonous.

I have made food and laziness an idol in my life.  That sounds so ridiculous coming out of my mouth, but it is the truth. It's not just about food - it's about what I'm letting control me.  I've made food and lounging my golden calf.  I have come to idolize both.

Father, please forgive my selfishness. Forgive the way I have treated this body that you created in an abusive way with food and lack of exercise.  Forgive the way I have taken the health and abilities you've given me for granted.  Forgive my self-pity, vanity, and idolatry. Forgive me for checking-out of this beautiful life you've made for me. Help me to see every day as an opportunity to truly live for that day.  Create a new heart that desires health and wellness.  Help me to think of You rather than treats.  Help me feel sorrowful enough that I won't want to sin this way anymore.  Help me take care of myself in a way that betters my ability to share Your love with others.

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