Sunday, April 21, 2013

Contest & Recipe Challenge!

I have a dear friend at church who is battling ALS, several food allergies, and a multitude of other health problems.  Bless his heart, he needs some help finding recipes for foods he can eat.

He has requested help creating an oatmeal cookie from the small list of foods that his body can handle.  While I am up to the challenge, I realize that some of you out there may be much more qualified!'s a contest for you!


  • The ingredients must come from the food list
  • The recipe must be simple enough for the already busy members of his family to create
  • The cookie cannot be too crunchy, as his body is weak
  • The winner will be chosen at random!  We hope to be able to use all of the recipes for variety!
  • Food list:
    • water
    • granny smith apple - limited amount
    • banana - limited amount
    • lemon
    • butter -limited amount
    • coconut oil
    • flaxseed oil
    • eggs
    • sea salt - limited amount
    • pure cane sugar - limited amount
    • raw honey - limited
    • baking soda
    • garbonzo beans - organic
    • oats - organic
    • brown rice flour
    • light kidney beans - organic
Deadline: Saturday, April 27, 2013 at midnight central time

What do you win?  Three (3)  Bible verse decals of your choice!    One for you, and 2 to give away!

Psalm 23:5 You prepare a table before me...

PLEASE feel free to share this contest far and wide!  I want to provide the best help for my friend.  He has also asked for tips on staying gluten free.  I know there are plenty of web sites out there, but he would like some tips from people who have experienced this need.

How do I enter?  Please submit your recipe in the comments below or by email

Thank you so much!!!

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