Thursday, April 25, 2013

Character Building

You and I both know that there has to be some serious motivation to do something that is difficult.  I need a really good reason to keep on keepin' on.

When I first start a new project it can seem exciting and almost easy.  I start to think to myself, "Why have I put this off for so long?  It isn't so hard!"  But, once I'm in the thick of things it just seems like a lot of hard work with little pay-off.

"It builds character" is a phrase I heard my Mom say more than a few times in my life.  Every time I was faced with a challenge, she would remind me that I was becoming a better person for it.  It used to really bother me - especially when it was something that she could easily fix for me.  I understand what she meant.  It isn't about the easy way out. It is about changing the circumstances if I can or changing my attitude.  So now I hear Mom's voice telling me that I'm becoming better.
I'm becoming disciplined.

Being that I am just a couple of days into my deal with myself, things don't seem too bad.  I stayed pretty well within my calorie goal and I got my exercise in, even though the weather was icky.  I am proud of what I accomplished, but trying not to lose focus.
I took care of yesterday, now it's time to take care of today!

Let's face it.  The size on the tag in my jeans isn't really what's bothering me. It is the fact that I have had such a lack of self-control that upsets me.  If I had really taken care of myself, the number on that tag would be smaller.

So, I'm focused on today - not yesterday and not tomorrow.

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