Saturday, October 20, 2012

Praying Through the 5k

I'm so excited to participate with my church family in the Race for the Cure in honor of our sweet sister Cathy as she so gracefully battles cancer.  She's a beautiful woman inside and out and deserves every bit of love she's been receiving.

The Holy Spirit has taken me over and organized this team through me.  I take no credit for any work I've done or ideas that have come to me.

His latest idea was for us to pray through each km of the race.  I know most of us will be walking with Cathy, so there will be lots of socializing going on.  Even if you don't pray through the whole race, each km marker can be a reminder to pray in a specific way for Cathy and her comrades in this fight.

Starting line/km 1: Begin the race with a thankful heart.  Thank God for Cathy, our church family, and the ability we each have to participate in this race.  Thank God for the people who work so hard to find a cure - the medical teams, volunteers, and supporters.
Romans 1:8

km 2: Pray for Cathy's family and medical staff - all caretakers.  Pray for their discernment, sensitivity, and strength.  Include Brad, Liam, Tabitha, their parents, and her doctors and nurses.  They all need the Holy Spirit to guide them through her care - what to do and what to say.
1 Corinthians 12:12-31

km 3: Pray for Cathy's complete and total restoration here on earth.  Cry out to God for healing of her body - and for the healing of all the Survivors running/walking with us and for the many brothers and sisters in our own church family battling cancer.
Matt 7:7-11

km 4: Pray for Cathy's spiritual/emotional/mental battle.  Her body is being attacked, but so is her peace.  Pray for peace that surpasses all understanding.  Pray for her to be stronger and stronger in her faith.  She's already been so strong, faithful, and graceful - give God the glory for that too!
Philippians 4:7

km 5: Ask God to reveal your role in Cathy's life.  Ask for clarity in what you are to learn from her and do to support her - and all of our brothers and sisters.  Pray for protection over our church family against anymore cancer or disease.
Romans 12:10

Finish Line: Praise God for his sovereignty.  No matter what trials we go through on this earth, he still reigns and we will all be with him one day!!!
Psalm 115:1


Stephen said...

I really liked this post: One of the things I sometimes try to keep in mind when running is that it can be a kind of mortification of the flesh. Like fasting, this is a (properly) not-often used devotion, but it can be a very powerful one for re-orienting your heart towards God, especially if you feel you've drifted from him a little too much. Thanks for a great post!

Mandee said...

Thank you for your kind comment. I believe I've been successful in my health and fitness because it has become much more spiritual than physical for me. This is about respecting God's creation and practicing the self-control and discipline that the Holy Spirit provides for me.