Saturday, March 03, 2012 bathing suit

No, this isn't actually a blog about Jimmy Buffett, but I can't say grapefruit without singing that song!  Anyway, the hubby is a big fan of Saturday morning breakfast and he's had to suffer through my attempts to make them healthier and lower in carbs.  So far, he is not a fan.
So, I decided I'd make him REAL bacon and REAL biscuits with his scrambled eggs today.  Oh, how I love a biscuit, but I didn't want to blow the low-carb streak again this week (had more carbs yesterday, but not too bad).
Instead of having biscuits, I had grapefruit.  I know that sounds like a really unfair trade, but you've got to try this recipe that I found on Pinterest!  While you're checking out the recipe, browse the rest of her blog - it's pretty great!

Yes, there is sugar involved, but it is a fairly trivial amount and far less than the 29 grams in one biscuit.  It probably won't even use that much next time.  It doesn't really need it, in my opinion.  I added a bit of cinnamon to mine too.  What a great flavor!  I will do this often, I'm sure...very simple and satisfying!


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