Thursday, March 01, 2012

Positive Thinking Thursday

Why is it that I always need an adjustment on Thursday???  I guess it works well with my decision to blog about it every Thursday!
Anyway, the hubs had a BIG birthday on Tuesday.  When I first started this trek into health and fitness I told myself that I wasn't depriving myself, I was just choosing not to eat unhealthy things unless it was really a treat - a special occasion.  Well, I asked him what he wanted to do.  He didn't want to go out, he wanted the girls here and for me to make a nice quiet dinner.  He requested steak, rice, green beans, "good bread", and a coconut cream cake.

I thought that was great because I don't like coconut - then I wouldn't be tempted to eat it!  Well, the kids don't like it either, so I made it without the shredded coconut on the outside.  Turns out I do like the flavor of coconut.  So much so that I couldn't resist licking the batter bowl - here's hoping I didn't give myself salmonella.
Anyway, I grilled the LEAN steak - good.  I didn't eat the brown rice - good.  I had a few butter bacon green beans - good.  I ate a super scrumptious buttery crescent roll - not good.  I gorged on a large piece of cake - bad!
Good news - the cake has been in the fridge since Tuesday and I haven't touched it again.
Bad news - I felt AWFUL Tuesday night and Wednesday all day.  I was sluggish, cranky, bloated, and craving sugar.  It was so not worth it!  Have I been away from sugar long enough that I can feel its affects?  If so - great!  Aside from the irrational cravings, I have no real desire for sugar now. Or simple carbs, for that matter.
I have stuck to my exercise schedule, which was really hard when I was feeling sluggish yesterday.  My pace was almost a whole minute slower this time, but I did it!  I'm back on the wagon again and my weight has not gone up from that night of abandon!'s the positive stuff:
1. One mistake or off day does not change my goal.
2. I can have a treat here and there, but the treats can rule me.
3. I'm kind of happy that the carbs made me feel so bad.  It helps me see that they are not what I really want.

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