Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 30

The day has finally come.  This day has been long awaited and anticipated.  And I've made it!

Today is DAY 30 of the Shred!!!  I've made it through 30 days of Jillian Michaels and her "two best girls" putting me through torture.  And I've got the missing pounds and inches to prove it.

When I first started the Shred, I took measurements of several parts of me.  I wanted to make sure I took notice of every single part that shrunk.  I've also been taking pictures of myself.  I'm not brave enough to post any of them here, but I am happy to see a difference every time I take new ones.

Here is the difference in the measurements from Day 1 (March 20) to Day 30 (April 26)
Chest: -1.5
Waist (belly button): -2.5
Waist at narrowest: -2.5
Hips: -2.5
Right thigh: -0.75
R Calf: -0.5
L thigh: -0.25
L Calf: -0.75
R Arm: -0.5
L Arm: -0
Weight: -5.7

I'm very happy with my results.  Honestly, in the beginning, I thought I might lose 10 lbs or more in these 30 days.  I've seen other people who say they have.  But, I'm very happy with my results.

  • Most of the weight and inches have dropped off in the last 10 days. That tells me that my metabolism is kicking in now.  
  • I feel like I can do more.  The warm up for day 30 is as hard as most of day 1 and I can do it pretty easily now!!!
  • I'm in a routine now.  Every day (other than Sunday) includes a work out where I challenge myself.  I'm hoping that is a habit that I will keep.
  • My pictures show the difference.  I can see where things are tightening up and getting back where they should be.
  • My measurements show a lot of loss in inches!  I haven't lost as much in my arms and legs, but I've also built a lot of muscles in those areas.
I think I'll start the Shred over again and do the advanced moves this time.  I can't wait to see how much I can do now.

I'm proud of myself!  Hard work does pay off!!!

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Blondie said...

So proud of you, lady! You are inspiring to me to get back on the wagon full throttle.