Monday, April 30, 2012

My New BFF & What I Have Learned

This was a very very very busy weekend.  I didn't work out Saturday or Sunday, I had french fries for breakfast on Saturday, and I ate dessert 3 nights in a row.


But, it was a GREAT weekend!

I went to the Extraordinary Women's Conference at the BJCC with several other ladies from church.  Friday night, we enjoyed a couple of speakers, a Tony and Grammy award winning singer/broadway actress Heather Headley, precious 19 year old Moriah Peters and her sweet music and a fabulous concert from Mercy Me.

On Saturday, we heard from several more fabulous speakers, including my current favorite person that I don't actually know, Candace Cameron Bure (aka, my BFF)!  Her testimony was so moving, as were the others that we heard through out the day.

After Candace spoke, my sweet friend, Blondie, stood in line with me to get out books signed.

I had brought my copy of Reshaping It All and bought another one because I knew somebody else would need it.  Iw as a little sad that she didn't have time for posed pictures and that I didn't get to share with her what a difference her book has made in my life - and not just in my weight!  But, I was excited to hear her and see her and I did get to thank her for sharing herself through her writing.

This is an unfortunate picture - I really have lost weight!  I just shouldn't have my picture taken from the side in a shirt that hangs straight down!

That extra book that I bought came in handy when we got to church for our Honduras fundraiser Saturday night.  As I was getting out of my car, I decided to put it in the silent auction and see how it did. It sold for $75!  I was very excited.  Plus, I know the person who got the book and I know she will love the book too.  God just makes things work out even when we don't know He is doing it!

At the auction!

The fundraiser was so much fun and we raised around $7,000 for our mission trip!  We need a lot more...anyone???

What I took away from this weekend:

  • Every single person has their struggles and none of us are ever alone.
  • While there is no single person in this world who can be God for us, God puts people in our lives to minister his love to us.  Friends matter a lot.
  • There is no struggle you've been through that is new.  Somebody else can relate.  Seek out their wisdom.
  • Who I am is not defined by the number on the scale, somebody else's opinion, or my the sum total of my flaws.  I am defined by Jesus who died on the cross for me because I am worthy and beautiful and adored.
  • I want to be the best I can be - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, not to please myself or anyone else, but because I need to live a life that is worthy of the grace and mercy that is so freely given to me.

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Chrissy said...

Yay Mandee!! I'm so thrilled you had a Spirit-filled weekend!

I love the things you took away from your weekend. It's so difficult to resist that temptation to constantly compare ourselves and our journey to other people, but keeping our eyes on the Father can never fail us! I know you'll do well if you keep your focus on Him and lean on those He's placed in your life to encourage, uplift, and support you.

Your blessings blessed me today. Thank you!