Thursday, April 19, 2012

Positive Thinking Thursday - Obnoxious Edition

I hit my next goal of a total weight loss of 10 pounds was reached today!  I'm am so stinkin' excited that I can't contain myself!  Now, I still have a lot more to lose, but 10 pounds seems like such an accomplishment.

I feel like I can reach my final goal now.  It has taken me 3 months to get here, but in that 3 months I have achieved so much.  
  • Exercise has become a daily habit.  
  • My refrigerator is overflowing while the pantry is minimally stocked because I do better shopping and eat more fresh foods.
  • I can FEEL my muscles working when I am using them in every day activities.
  • I catch myself squeezing my arms muscles from time to time :)
  • I know I can run around and play whenever I want.
  • I know I'll reach my goal.
  • I know I CAN DO THIS!  Finally!
  • I want to influence others who have felt like I always have - that they are just naturally over weight and out-of-shape.
  • I am confident!
All of this to say - if there is anything you want to do, but you don't think you can, try it anyway.  Keep at it until you reach that first small goal that means something to you.  I guarantee you'll keep it up after that.  
My next goals: 15 pounds total loss and running!  I can do it :)

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