Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Heart Green Smoothies

So, I think I'm over my fear.  I've even started thinking about using other green and perhaps other veggies!  Look out!
I made myself a smoothie for breakfast that I found on Pinterest.  I didn't really love it.  I mostly tasted banana and that was pretty much it.  I will try it again and maybe add more PB and chocolate.

Later in the day, I was ready for a fruity snack, so I made another smoothie.  I had some kiwis that I needed to use and a cantaloup that I had just cut up.

1.5 kiwis cut into pieces
1/8 of a cantaloup cut into pieces
1 cup spinach leaves
6-8 ice cubes

It was a pretty color and pretty tasty!  I do think I'd go with less kiwi and more melon next time.  The kiwi was just a little too tangy and the texture with all those tiny seeds was a bit odd.  The flavor was still good and it satisfied my craving for a fruity snack!

Elvis Smoothie - click here

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