Friday, April 20, 2012

Goal 2!!!

I have now lost double digits!  I reached one of my goals - down 10 pounds now.  I was so excited when my little mii told me that I'd lost enough to be in a new second digit that I jumped up and down and screamed.  Now, I still have several more of these mini-goals to go before I reach my big goal.  But, every step I take towards that big goal is worth a victory dance!
My friends also helped me celebrate.  They were so happy for me and are encouraging me in many ways. Becky made me a card:

Seriously, how sweet is that?  Not only did I get a handmade card, but she made me a beautiful necklace too!
  Isn't that pretty?  And it has 10 beads - one for each lb I've lost!

Later in the day I got a text from my hubby saying Congratulations and telling me to go get my reward for this goal.  I FINALLY got to go Vera shopping!!!  I have been loving some of the new spring patterns, so I was pretty sure what I wanted.  But, I had to look at every item they had at Wrapsody before I could choose!

I got the Metropolitan!  It is perfect for traveling with a laptop, etc.  I love it!  I also got a new ID holder for my keys and a nail file to match!  

Aside from all of that, the biggest reward has been my new confidence, the surprise I feel when I get dressed in clothes I haven't worn in a while, and the compliments I'm receiving from people who are really noticing a difference.  

My next goal of 15 pounds will be a massage  new workout gear!!!  I changed my mind.  The massage would feel great, but I'm ready for some new motivation.  New clothes to workout in and stuff to work out with will give me just that!

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