Monday, October 25, 2004

Barking Chickens

I'm getting over myself now, by the way.
So, this was the weekend that HC and Bonnie moved right down the road...about 200 miles down the road.
Friday night, HC and Bonnie took Ken, Whitney, and me out for dinner. It was nice to get out after a long week at work. Whitney was usual. HC and Bonnie were tired from packing, so it was pretty low key.
Saturday: The fateful day of the move. It seemed that half of Crossbridge was at their was touching to see how many people love them so much. We had a good time, a different kind of fellowship. I got to see some people in a whole new light which was interesting and entertaining at the same time! I think that watching Ken and Garry engineer the packing of the truck was one of the highlights! Although, trying to get Oliver the giant cat in his box for the trip was quite an experience as well.

Turns out that one 24' truck was not going to do it, so H and I went and got a 15-footer. This meant that Ken and I would be making the trip with them since Ken would need to drive a truck and I would need to follow to take Ken home. Turns out they needed my vehicle to carry their art work, so it all worked out well.
Garry offered a lovely prayer just before we hit the road...I'm not sure if there were any dry eyes as they hugged everyone. But this isn't goodbye...Bonnie does not say goodbye.
Our 4 vehicle caravan hit the road around 2 o'clock headed for Ramer, TN. It was a pleasant ride. I spent most of it switching back and forth between the Bama game and the Auburn game on the radio and calling Ken to update him on scores. (The radio in his 'antique' U-Hal did not work). We hit some heavy rain, but made it through to sunshine just before we got to our destination.
The house is in the exact middle of nowhere. I love it. Its small and charming...the land is beautiful. I could have stayed. Its so close to Bonnie's parents' house that you can walk right to the dining room table for every meal! And let me tell you, that is something I would do! Mrs. Howell (Granny) can cook. We had a table full of fresh country food at every meal (and we weren't even there 24 hours). It was wonderful...cooked with could taste it.
Now to the title of this blog...H and Bonnie's grandson says that the chickens bark in the morning...he was not kidding. That's how I woke up (in the room Bonnie grew up in) on Saturday morning...opened the door to the smell of bacon, eggs, and biscuits. Seriously...this is the life.
Bonnie especially kept trying to get us to leave so we wouldn't do anymore work. HC kept saying how much he appreciated us coming up, but I really wanted to thank them...for several reasons. It was an adventure! I like road trips, I didn't consider it a burden at all. I loved meeting the family and getting to know a little bit about this place that is about to be blessed with these two! It was a great way for me to accept what was happening. I can see where they are, I know how far it is, I know what it will be like...I can handle it better now. And I can't wait to go back.
I just have to tell you about the goat...Panda Bear. He's really cute, but really stinky! Did you know that goats pee on themselves? YUCK!


Miss MyLastName said...

Hi Mandee! I just wanted to tell you that I am *terrified* of goats! Yes, when I was in second grade, my best friend lived on a farm with a goat and dared me to pet him. When I climbed into his pen and reached out my hand, he started chasing me and RAMMED INTO ME over and over and over! I cried, my friend laughed, and now I'm scared of goats!!!!

Whew! I hope all these exclamation points are cheering you up!!!!


Mandee said...

Yes, those should help.
Did the goat pee on you? This goat likes to pee on everyone...I sure hope that any friends that plan on visiting the goat have not read this...let them get peed on!
Is that mean?

Khris said...

I'm glad God put it on your heart to travel up with HC and Bonnie...a servant spirit in you is revealing itself. You need to go through our Spiritual Gift Assessment class coming up looking for the display.