Thursday, October 21, 2004

Crying Out

I keep asking God to speak to me again. Is he? I want to scream, "Aren't you hearing me?!?! Aren't you going to answer me?!?! God, where are you?!?!" I know he is here always. And I know he is there with you too. Maybe he is speaking to me in a new way...
My co-worker's little girl came to visit us here the other day. She has the sweetest little voice I have ever heard. Libby is 6...going on 30. She is very bright and well behaved and sweet and creative! I had a lot of fun coloring pictures with her. She has been sending me little pictures every day (via her mom's purse) and I keep hanging them on my wall. You can tell they were drawn by small hands, but the art work is great for her age! How do children know exactly what you need every time?I keep asking God to talk to me...I need to listen. Maybe He is talking to me through Libby...relax and enjoy the simple things that people do out of love. Enjoy the beauty that He has given us to behold. Perfection is not the only kind of beauty. Whether something appears perfect or not, it looks just the way He planned it. Tell people you love them. Little Libby writes "I love Mandee" on every picture I get! She's met me once, but I believe that she means it. She is so innocent that she doesn't know to withhold love as we adults often do. I think I'll keep learning from Libby.

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