Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I think I'll rant a bit today.
I'm glad the weather is getting cooler...that means women have to put clothes on now. I am so tired of seeing too much of women...way too much. I'm tired of being embarrassed by advertisements that show too much skin. Can anyone tell me what a woman riding a bull has to do with Hardee's?'t think so. Why do I have to walk into a gas station and be greeted by a 6 foot tall cardboard woman in a tank top, invisible shorts, and high heels holding a 6-pack? Ladies, do any of you wear heels with your cut-offs in the front yard? neither! Maybe I should try it...or not.
It makes me sad that little girls see these airburshed, botoxed, self-tanned, tightened, lifted, and extended woman and believe they are expected to look like that. Nobody looks like that! It makes me sad that so many grown women are willing to go through this physical pain and psychological torture to look the part too. Now, I know that most men appreciate natural beauty and inner beauty, but thats not the idea we get from the media, from clothing retailers, and from other women. ya think this might bother me? I think I will keep a log of how much skin I see tomorrow...just keep track of when/where/and how much. Should be interesting...I'll try to remember to post that.

K...nice to get that off my chest. In other news...I'm bored at work. I'm not a big fan of my job. Need something else. Something more challenging...don't feel like I'm using my gifts here. Speaking of gifts...Khris is offering a Spiritual Gifts class soon...YEAH!! I'm excited to see what I discover about myself there. And I will be very excited to apply what I learn. I'm just so ready to be making a difference. I'm ready to be useful in the Kingdom.
Hm...reminds me of something else. A friend of mine told me that i have become a Bible banger...HAHAHAHAHA. If only you had known me just a few years ago, you would see how amazing that statement is. I think I'm taking it as a compliment though. I'm passionate about what I have discovered in my spiritual life. Call me all the names you Peter said in 1Peter 2:20 (there I go...banging that Bible).

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Jack the blogger said...

First that color is hard to read, just thought I'd let you know. Also as a girl-watcher with some expertise the colder weather does have it's good points.