Tuesday, October 19, 2004


So, I'm living vicariously through a friend of mine who has decided to have a crush on another friend of mine. Crushes are fun and I haven't had an unrequited crush on anyone in close to a year! (Although I still have a crush on Ken...stop gagging).
I think the crusher and I are going to go shopping...find some crush-worthy clothes and new make up to make her even more fetching. The only problem is that the crushee has a few 'issues' that must be dealt with before I allow the crusher to move any further in the crushing process. (I am I blogging about stomping grapes? notsomuch)
Man, I forgot about the adreniline involved in crushing. The endless wide-eyed thoughts of what-ifs. Talking too fast and ending every sentence with a giggle when the object of your crush is near. The need to look your absolute best every minute of every day just in case there is a sighting.
Ah...romance at its earliest stage. Barf bag, anyone?

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